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Valtris Specialty Chemicals Offers Solutions and Peace of Mind during Red Sea/Suez Canal Shipping Crisis
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Valtris Specialty Chemicals Launches Enterprise-wide Transformation Focused on Establishing the Company as Supplier of Choice
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Valtris Specialty Chemicals Announces New Vice President of Procurement

Research & Innovation

Inspiring collaboration, enabling innovation

Our Approach

Continuous innovation and a customer-focused mindset is central to our company culture

Our technical experience and value-added formulation capabilities enable us to develop highly customized materials for specific customer products. We have a diverse set of customers, end-uses and geographies but strive to cater to each customer we serve and continuously improve upon our work.

Our Development Team

Industry experts across the globe

Our strong innovation and growth culture is coupled with years of technical experience and best-in-class value-added formulation capabilities.

Some Accomplishments We Are Proud Of

  • Platinum family of high-solvating, non-phthalate plasticizers for specialty applications and premium performance
  • Fast scale up of new plasticizer chemistries using our world class pilot plants
  • Bio-based plasticizers derived from renewable resources
  • Novel heat stabilizers for applications under regulatory scrutiny
  • Leadership in phenol-free liquid stabilizers and phosphites for PVC and PU applications
  • Wide selection of non-arsenic based biocide technologies for a variety of applications
  • Proprietary phosphate ester plasticizers used in fire retardant / smoke suppressant applications
  • Development of unique metallic salts and lubricants for polymers
  • The widest range of plastisol bonding agents on the market

Our Product Development Vision

We create with our customers’ needs top-of-mind

Understanding customer and market needs is the basis of our product development efforts.

Valtris provides off the shelf solutions or customer formulated materials that meet the precise quality, reliability and performance needs of our customers.

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