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Plasticizers Pricing Announcement

March 14, 2022

Valtris Plasticizers Pricing Announcement

Due to recent spikes and surcharges to raw material, energy and transportation costs, Valtris Specialty Chemicals will implement a price increase of $0.15/lb, or $0.33/kg, on our Santicizer® plasticizer and phosphate ester products, effective for orders shipping on or after April 1, 2022 or as contracts allow. The products impacted by this announcement are as follows:

  Plasticizers Phosphate Esters  
  Santicizer® 160 Santicizer® 130  
  Santicizer® 261A Santicizer® 141  
  Santicizer® 278 Santicizer® 143  
  Santicizer® Platinum P-1400 Santicizer® 148  
  Santicizer® Platinum P-1700 Santicizer® 154  
  Santicizer® Platinum Blends Santicizer® 2148  
    Santicizer® 2248  
    Triphenyl Phosphate  

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and provide feedback when we see relief from these cost increases.

About Valtris Specialty Chemicals

Valtris Specialty Chemicals,  headquartered in Independence, OH, is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals, primarily used as additives in the production and processing of plastics, and chemical precursors used in coatings, flavor and fragrance, personal care and pharmaceutical applications. By operating nine facilities globally, Valtris offers an unmatched range of complimentary products for the specific needs of the diverse customer base.

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