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Valtris Specialty Chemicals announces planned expansion in the production capacity of Benzoylchloride in Europe

Independence, OH – Valtris Specialty Chemicals is investing in a production capacity expansion at its Tessenderlo, Belgium site.

“Following the successful 2021 project to expand our Benzaldehyde capacity at Tessenderlo, we are delighted to announce the next stage in our expansion plans with this project to increase our Benzoylchloride capacity by 15%” says Paul Angus, CEO Valtris Specialty Chemicals. The expansion is expected to be fully completed by the end of 2022.

Benzoylchloride is a key raw material in the production of benzoyl peroxides, commonly used in skin treatments, as an initiator in the polymer industry, and to bleach wheat and rice.

With three global production sites, Valtris Advanced Organics serves customers worldwide with a portfolio of chlorinated toluene derivatives, used in a variety of end-markets including agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, construction, automotive, cleaning agents, hand sanitizers, and personal care products.

Dr. Louise Calviou, VP Global Advanced Organics emphasizes: “With these important expansions, we continue to strengthen our position as a reliable, global supplier of chlorotoluene derivatives focused on meeting the needs of our customers”.

About Valtris Advanced Organics

Valtris Specialty Chemicals acquired INEOS ChloroToluenes from INEOS Enterprises in August 2018 and integrated this within the Valtris Specialty Chemicals group as a separate business unit “Valtris Advanced Organics (“VAO”). With production facilities in US, Belgium and the Netherlands, VAO is a leading producer of chlorinated toluenes and related derivatives that are used in coatings, flavor & fragrance, personal care and pharmaceutical applications.

About Valtris Specialty Chemicals
Valtris Specialty Chemicals, headquartered in Independence, OH, is a leading manufacturer of specialty chemicals, primarily used as additives in the production and processing of plastics, and chemical precursors used in coatings, flavor and fragrance, personal care and pharmaceutical applications. By operating nine facilities globally, Valtris offers an unmatched range of complimentary products for the specific needs of the diverse customer base.

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