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CEREPLAS™ - Specialty non ortho-phthalate plasticizers

CEREPLAS™ Specialty Esters Overview



Since the mid 2000s, the CEREPLAS™ range of esters have been developed and are now exclusively non ortho-phthalate specialty esters that are commonly used in the plastics and rubber industries. Part of the range is also used within hydraulic and metal working fluids.

CEREPLAS™ Adipates are used to bring enhanced low-temperature flexibility, low process viscosities, improve surface feel and texture, and reduce surface resistivity. Food contact applications are a principal use (e.g. CEREPLAS™ DOA™ is used in food cling wraps), but are also used in floorings. The higher molecular weight adipates such as CEREPLAS™ DTDA are widely used in biodegradable hydraulic oils.

Our range of adipates include DOA, DIDA and DTDA.

CEREPLAS™ Trimellitates are high-quality specialty plasticizers with low volatility, resistance to high temperature, high tensile strength, good electrical properties, and processing ability. While extensively used in high-temperature PVC cable insulation, their fogging performance makes them a natural choice for the automotive industry. They are also used in medical applications such as tubing.

Our range of trimellitates include OTM, L8TM and L810TM.

CEREPLAS™ Sebacates are specialty plasticizers serving niche markets such as underground cable sheathing in arctic environments and in automotive sealants.

Our range of sebacates include DOS and DIDS.

CEREPLAS™ 100XS is a terephthalate ester. An excellent general-purpose plasticizer with heat stability, CEREPLAS™ 100XS is an alternative to the most common ortho-phthalate esters such as DOP and DINP.

Specifications & Attributes

  • Non-ortho phthalate chemistry
  • High-plasticizing efficiency, broad range of processing flexibility
  • Grades with FDA and EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) approval
  • Low volatility for superior fogging performance
  • High purity, low odor, low color
  • Versatility across the product lines for range of low to high temperature performance
  • Broad ranges of viscosities across the portfolio
  • Excellent oxidative and thermal stability

Processing Technologies

  • Plastisols processing applications such as spread/knife coating, dip/slush/rotomolding, and roll coating
  • PVC calendaring
  • Injection molding/extrusion
  • Blown films
  • Mechanically- and chemically-foamed systems

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