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Santicizer® Platinum G-2000 Bio-Based Plasticizer

High-Efficiency Plasticizers

Santicizer® Platinum G-2000 Overview

Non-Phthalate biobased plasticizer

Valtris Specialty Chemicals is a company that focuses on creating low-carbon products. In doing so, we have developed a bio-based plasticizer, Santicizer® Platinum G-2000. Santicizer® Platinum G-2000 is an efficient bio-based primary plasticizer that offers excellent heat stability, enhanced process ability, and lower volatility than traditional general-purpose plasticizers. It can be used in techniques such as extrusion, calendaring, injection molding, rotational molding, and spread coating. Also, it can be used in rubbers, epoxy resins, paints and coatings, and many other polymers.

Specifications & Attributes

  • Bio-based - 85% renewable carbon content
  • Easy to formulate to substitute for common general-purpose plasticizers
  • Non-phthalate
  • Highly efficient, allowing lower plasticizer use
  • Provides additional processing heat stability

Processing Technologies

  • Plastisols processing applications such as spread/knife coating, dip/slush/rotomolding, and roll coating
  • PVC calendaring/injection molding
  • Chemically- and mechanically-foamed systems

Product Technical Data Sheet

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